8.15. Check of a state and replacement of the sensor of speed of the movement of the car (VSS)

VSS is established on a case of transmission and represents the sensor with a variable magnetic resistance. The sensor develops a sinusoidal signal of alternating current which frequency is proportional to the speed of the movement of the car. Information arriving from VSS RSM at management of duration of time of opening of injectors of injection of fuel are used and switching of transmission. Besides, VSS is used as the speedometer drive. The failure of the sensor leads to record in memory of OBD of the corresponding codes of malfunction.



 Serviceability of functioning of VSS can be checked on adequacy of indications of a speedometer.

1. Remove VSS from a transmission case.

2. Connect the voltmeter to two plugs of the sensor and switch the measuring instrument to the mode measurement of alternating voltage. Begin to rotate manually a driving gear wheel of the sensor, - the voltmeter has to register a signal with an amplitude about 0.5 V.

3. In the absence of alarm tension the sensor is subject to replacement.
4. At positive results of the check described above check for break an electrical wiring on the site of a chain between the VSS socket and an instrument guard (see schemes of electric connections at the end of the Head Onboard electric equipment). If an electrical wiring as it should be, drive away the car on car repair shop for performing diagnostics of RSM and performance of the corresponding recovery repair.



1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
2. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the speed sensor.

3. Having turned out a coupling bolt, weaken a collar and take VSS from transmission.

4. Check a condition of a landing sealing ring of the sensor, in case of need make replacement.

5. Installation is made upside-down.