5.15. Removal and installation of the K/V condenser

The air conditioning system constantly is under high pressure. Do not disconnect refrigerator lines at all and do not remove any components of system, previously without having executed a discharge of the last. The discharge of the air conditioning system has to be made by forces of the skilled expert in the conditions of a workshop of car service. At a rassoyedineniye of refrigerator lines surely put on goggles!

When replacing components of the air conditioning system the certain amount of replaceable refrigerator oil necessary for filling of volume of new knot will be required. Use only the oil good for the use in the R-134a systems (attentively study the label on a container).



1. Make a discharge of the air conditioning system in the conditions of a specialized workshop.
2. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action! Empty the cooling system (see the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance).

3. Disconnect two refrigerator lines from the condenser. At once to a zakuporta the open ends of lines and unions in order to avoid hit in system of dirt and moisture.

4. Remove a radiator (see the Section Removal and installation of a radiator and a broad tank of the cooling system).
5. Turn out bolts of fastening of the condenser.
6. Incline assembly of the condenser back and remove it from the engine.



1. Installation is made upside-down. At installation of the new condenser fill in in it 30 ÷ 50 ml of fresh coolant.
2. Make a system recharge in the conditions of a specialized workshop.