4.3.2. Check of pressure of oil


1. Pressure drop of oil can be considered as a sign that the engine needs recovery repair. The control lamp of pressure of oil is not among the diagnostic equipment controlling a condition of the lubrication system, and only informs the driver on dangerous decrease in oil pressure. Even the oil pressure measuring instrument which is built in the dashboard, despite a big detail of the issued information, can be considered only as the device of information character. For data acquisition about the oil pressure which then can be compared to requirements of Specifications it is necessary to use mechanical (not electric!) the manometer complete with an exact tachometer.
2. Find the oil pressure sensor switch block.

3. Remove the sensor switch and establish instead of it a transitional nozzle for connection of the mechanical manometer. For sealing of the threaded connection of a nozzle use a sealing tape from teflon, or the film FUM.
4. According to instructions of manufacturers connect an exact tachometer to the engine.
5. Check oil pressure at the engine which is warmed up up to the normal working temperature working at the turns stipulated in Specifications. Compare results of measurements to standard requirements. With excessively low pressure it is necessary to estimate degree of wear of bearings and/or the oil pump.