15. Schemes of electric connections

The list of the abbreviations used in schemes

The Latin
A/T Automatic transmission
ABS System of anti-blocking of brakes
ACC Acceleration (темпостат)
ACC, ACCY Position of the ignition key at the parking
with the switched-on devices
ACRLY Air conditioner relay
ASCD System of automatic control of speed
B/L Air supply on the level of legs
BARO (Sensor) of barometric pressure
BCM The body module of management (see Section. Transfer of management of functioning of onboard consumers of the electric power on dial-up lines)
D Down
DEF Defrosting of glasses
DLC Diagnostic socket of reading of the database
DOHC Engine type with two distributive
shaft of the top arrangement
DRL Running fires of daylight
ECCS System of electronic injection of fuel
ECM Control unit of the engine (onboard processor)
ECT Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
EGR (System) of recirculation of the fulfilled gases
EVAP System of catching of fuel evaporations
F/D Air supply on the level of the person
FICD Systems of stabilization of turns of bystry
HEAD Head (headlights)
IAC (Valve) of stabilization of turns of idling
IACV-FICD Valve of additional air of system
stabilization of turns of bystry idling
IAT (Sensor) of temperature of the soaked-up air
INT Interval mode of functioning
screen wipers
LO, LOW Thread of passing beam of the glow lamp
M/T Manual box of gear shifting
MAF (Sensor) of measurement of mass of an air stream
MAP (Sensor) of absolute pressure in the inlet pipeline
N Neutral (average) position of the switch
O/D The raising transfer (AT)
OFF Situation "Is switched off" the switch (the lock
ON Situation "Is included" the switch (the lock
PARK Situation "parking"
POS POS sensor of provision of a bent shaft
(see the Section Check of a State and Replacement of the Sensor of Provision of a Bent Shaft (ICR))
PSP (Sensor switch) of pressure of system
hydrostrengthenings of a wheel
REF REF sensor of provision of a bent shaft
(see the Section Check of a State and Replacement of the Sensor of Provision of a Bent Shaft (ICR))
RUN Position of the lock of ignition at got
SOHC Engine type with one camshaft
top situation
SRS System of additional safety (pillow
START Position of the lock of ignition at start of the engine
TCS Antiprobuksovochny systems
TPS Sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
U Up
UNLOCK Unblocking
VSS Sensor of speed of the movement of the car
l-probe Sensor of content of oxygen
AT Automatic transmission
GRM Gas-distributing mechanism
D/V and D/of Vyklyuch Sensor switch
K/B Air conditioner
K/P Valve switch
M / off. Microswitch
PAYMENT ORDER Semiconductor device
RKPP Manual box of gear shifting
With / бл (I will corrode) the connecting block
Ø/M and E/magn. Electromagnetic
Э / motor Electric motor

Designations of flowers of isolation of an electrical wiring

BLK Black
BLU Blue
BRN Brown
GRN Green
GRY Gray
LT Light (shade)
ORG Orange
PNK Pink
PPL Purple
TAN Golden
VIO Violet
WHT White
YEL Yellow

Example: LT GRN/PNK OR RED/TAN = Light green with a pink strip or Red with a golden strip

Remarks according to schemes of electric connections

In view of limitation of the place it is not possible to include in the present manual of the scheme of electric connections of systems of electric equipment of all considered models. For this reason only the most typical schemes allowing to understand in detail the maximum degree in the principle of action of the main systems of electric equipment and onboard consumers of the electric power are given below.

Are made by Privzdennye below the scheme of electric connections by the schematic principle when components of each contour communicate among themselves on the shortest way without a form of laying of an electrical wiring around the components and plaits located on the way of its following.

On the Nissan cars the single-wire scheme of turning on of devices of electric equipment is applied. To plus of power supplies consumers unite a wire, and to minus – through a body of the car or on weight. Such method allows to reduce number of wires and to simplify their installation. Connection with the mass of minus of power supplies reduces electrochemical corrosion of metal details of a body. In certain cases direct connection of the electric consumer with weight is not enough, and the consumer unites to weight an additional wire of usually brown color.

Supply voltage is brought to most of consumers via the ignition switch. Power-supply circuits of those knots of electric equipment which work can be required in any circumstances are always connected to the rechargeable battery, irrespective of the provision of a key in the ignition lock.

For connection of wires electric sockets with flat contacts are used.

For normal food of consumers the electric chain has to be closed, otherwise at it there will be electric current, for example, if to the electric motor of a screen wiper positive tension moves, it will not work until its electric chain is not connected to weight. In an electric chain switches, the relay, safety locks, measuring devices, electric motors and other consumers of the electric power can be connected. For the correct connection of consumers of the electric power contacts of electric sockets have the corresponding markings. Connection with the mass of the car is carried out or directly via the case of the consumer of the electric power or an additional wire.

Before starting service of components of onboard electric equipment, in order to avoid receiving electric shock, or ignition as a result of casual short circuit, it is necessary to disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Regularly check a condition of plaits of an electrical wiring and reliability of their fastening in intermediate clamps, collars and bindings. You watch that isolation of wires was not wiped at contact with the components located in the neighbourhood with a plait.

 The models of cars considered in the present manual are equipped with system of additional safety (SRS). Before starting performance of any works near the block of a safety cushion, a steering column or the dashboard, disconnect SRS in order to avoid getting injured at its casual operation (see the Section of the Safety cushion - the general information). It is easy to distinguish an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS on yellow color of isolation.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action!

Contact 30.
At this contact there is always positive tension of the accumulator. The wires connected to this contact have color, red or red with a strip.

Contact 31.
The contact connects to the mass of the car a wire of brown color.

Contact 15.
On this contact positive tension after inclusion of ignition moves. The wires connected to this contact have color, green or green with a strip.

Contact of X.
On contact tension after inclusion of ignition moves, however at inclusion of a starter tension is disconnected. It gives the chance at start of the engine to disconnect consumers of the electric power, unnecessary at this moment. High beam headlamps receive food also from this contact therefore at the turned-on driving beam and switching off of ignition there is an automatic switching to marker lights.

Colors of wires are designated by Latin letters.

If in designation of color of a wire there are several letters divided by a sign/, then the left group of letters points to primary color of a wire, and right – to color of a strip.

On the scheme all consumers of current and switches are represented in neutral situation.