14:11. Removal and installation of a combination of devices


 The models of cars considered in the present manual are equipped with system of additional safety (SRS). Before starting performance of any works near the block of a safety cushion, a steering column or the dashboard, disconnect SRS in order to avoid getting injured at its casual operation (see the Section Electric Drive of Front Seats - general information and check of serviceability of functioning). It is easy to distinguish an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS on yellow color of isolation.

1. Disconnect SRS (see the Section of the Safety cushion - the general information).
2. Remove the panel of facing of an instrument guard (see the Head Kuzov).

3. Turn out fixing screws and take a combination of devices from the landing nest.

4. Disconnect an electrical wiring and remove a combination of devices.
5. Installation is made upside-down.