13:24. Removal and installation of the central console


The models of cars considered in the present manual are equipped with system of additional safety (SRS). Before starting performance of any works near the block of a safety cushion, a steering column or the dashboard, disconnect SRS in order to avoid getting injured at its casual operation (see the Head Onboard electric equipment). It is easy to distinguish an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS on yellow color of isolation.

1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

 If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action!

2. Cock the parking brake.

3. Having hooked the screw-driver, remove facing of the lever of the selector of transmission.

4. Turn out four screws of fastening of the console.

5. Disconnect an electrical wiring and remove the console from the car.
6. Installation is made upside-down.