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Nissan Maxima

6-cylinder V-shaped (V-6) used for a complete set of the considered models petrol engines are established cross in a forward part of the car and are equipped with system of electronic injection of fuel. Models from 1993 to 1994 the issue are completed with V6 engines of the VG30DE series which heads are equipped by one, having the top arrangement, the camshaft (SOHC), on models of later years of release VQ30DE series engines with two camshafts of the top situation (DOHC) in each of heads of cylinders are used.

The system of direct ignition is installed.

Since 2000 improvement of airintaking system and system of gas distribution of the VQ30DE engine led to increase in power from 193 h.p. to 200 h.p. at 6400 rpm. and torque from 255 Nanometers at 4000 rpm to 271 at 3600 rpm. The new system of an admission with changeable phases of gas distribution allows to receive higher torque both on low, and on average turns. The molybdenic covering of pistons reduces losses on friction. The option from 2.0 l is offered by the VQ20DE engine.